APPS provides short and long run product decoration services.
Whether you want a corporate logo on a pen, your company brand on your own product or 
something totally different, if it involves printing onto objects, you've come to the right place!

Pad Printing - Multicolour, Single Colour:

Great for smaller items like pens, keyrings, stress items etc. We take pride in our crisp prints and
halftones and close registration.

Screen Printing - Rotary, Flatbed & Hand

Generally for larger areas, we provide top quality flatbed and rotary (wraparound) screenprinting -
great for frisbees, mugs, pencils, tubes etc. Again, we take pride in our crisp prints and halftones 
and close registration.

UV Epoxy Doming

The perfect finishing touch. Protects print and adds wow factor, turns a nice job into an excellent job


Jigs ensure good repeatability and registration and in some cases are essential for multi-colour prints.
Simple jigs are made in house free of charge, more complex jigs are made by our fully qualified engineer.
We have a large range of our own jigs for common products.


Good art + Good Printer = Beautiful Job! We offer in-house artwork from design to redraw,
with extremely quick turnaround and very reasonable rates. Don't let bad art wreck your print job,
we'll redraw poor quality logos quickly and inexpensively.

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